1. About Y2Mate

Y2Mate is a professional and reliable online video downloader as well as converter. To make the download service easier and more convenient, Y2Mate does not require users to download Y2Mate APK or iOS program for using. Users are able to use Y2Mate for video & audio download simply online freely.

Since Y2Mate's release in 2016, a large amount of users were attracted by the helpful services provided by Y2Mate. Nowadays, Y2Mate has become one of the leading online video downloaders around the global. People will turn to Y2Mate for help when they want to download online videos anytime at anywhere.



[Why Y2Mate Is Important?]

Although there are a large number of online videos resources on various platforms today, and people have free access to them easily, in some countries, mobile data is pretty expensive and the network connection is not good enough, which greatly prevents users from enjoying these wonderful videos online. For example, in India, the network condition is comparatively worse but users' demands for streaming videos are high. Therefore, Y2Mate has provided them an easy way to download online videos in advance for having a better streaming experience.

2. Highlighted Features of Y2Mate

There must be some reasons for why so many people select Y2Mate as the assistant to download online videos. The 5 features listed below may be one main reason that you choose Y2Mate.

Download for Free

Y2Mate does not require users to pay for the services it provides. There are abundant of programs divided their services into paid and free ones. They ask users to subscribe to their membership for using more functions. This can be annoyed. Therefore, for better user experience, Y2Mate needs no charge for using its download and conversion services. It is completely free from limitations.

Simple Steps to Download/Convert

Another important factor that people select Y2Mate refers to its simple operating steps. Using an app would be troublesome to those who are not good at using computer because you have to install the app successfully then use it. Some apps need users to sign in for using the services, and they would even lag the performance of your PC. But using the online video downloader like Y2Mate can just skip these steps and head to download online videos. Users can download videos easily with just one-click on Y2Mate.

High Compatibility

Considering that users may use different browsers to meet their needs, Y2Mate tries to make its services be compatible with all browsers at present. No matter what browsers users are using, Y2Mate can work properly. Besides, Y2Mate also supports videos from various sites such as YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion, Youku, etc. Users can freely select the online videos from different sites and download them with Y2Mate.

Personalized Output Settings

As the requirements towards the output videos such as the format and quality, will be different from person to person, Y2Mate enables users to personalized the output settings according to their needs. Users can download online videos to MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO, MP3, WEBM, etc. or convert them into MP3, MP4 in HD.



Inbuilt Search Function

For more convenient use, Y2Mate also integrates the search function to its download bar. Users are able to search for certain videos in Y2Mate directly without turning to other sites.

19 Languages Supported

To enable users from around the global have the chance to enjoy the online video download service, Y2Mate sets 19 different languages for users to understand the contents in site, using Y2Mate online video downloader easily.


3. Is Y2Mate Safe for Using?

As an online video downloader, some people will be concerned about its security. Whether Y2Mate is safe for using? Will it bring any virus or bundled malware while downloading online videos?

Just throw all these concerns behind now! Y2Mate is completely a reliable and professional online video downloader and converter for video lovers around the world. Although Y2Mate contains certain ads on its webpage, which make sure Y2Mate can keep on its regular pace and provides free services to users, there are no virus and will not download any bundled malware while users are using its download or convert service.

With Y2Mate, you can surely download online videos from various sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. freely, and more importantly, safely. Except for the wonderful online video downloader, the Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter is also a highlight. Users are able to keep YouTube videos as MP3 audio files safely with Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter.

4. Guidance on How to Download YouTube Videos with Y2Mate

Using Y2Mate for downloading YouTube videos is just a piece of cake. There are TWO approaches of using Y2Mate. Just follow the guides below.

Method 1. Copy and Paste the URL of YouTube Video

STEP 1. Get the URL of YouTube Video
Firstly, search your favorite video in YouTube. Then enter the page of it.

STEP 2. Copy the Link
Copy the link of that video. You can get it direly from the address bar. Or click on the share button, then tap "Copy" to get the link.

Copy URL

STEP 3. Paste the Link to Y2Mate
Turn to Y2Mate on any browser, and paste the link of the YouTube video you copied just now to the download bar. Y2Mate will detect the video automatically.

STEP 4. Click on "Download"
After detection, Y2Mate will provide output format and quality for users to select. Scroll down the page and choose the one in your preference. Finally, click on "Download", and the YouTube video can be downloaded successfully.

Download YouTube Videos with Y2Mate

Method 2. Add "paw" to YouTube Video's URL
Y2Mate also provides another ways to get the YouTube videos downloaded easily.

STEP 1. Open Certain YouTube Video Page
Search for the YouTube video you want to download in YouTube's site. Then enter the video page.

STEP 2. Change YouTube Video's URL
Add "paw" to the URL of the YouTube video, just behind "youtube" as the following screenshot shows. When finish, press the "Enter" key.

Change URL to YouTubePaw

STEP 3. Download YouTube Video
After pressing on "Enter", it will turn to Y2Mate's video download page automatically. Simply select the output format and quality, then click on the "Download" button.

[Attention] You Can Search for YouTube Videos Directly in Y2Mate
To help users download YouTube videos more conveniently, Y2Mate also integrates the search function to the download bar. Users are able to search for the YouTube videos directly in Y2Mate by entering keywords in the bar.

For example, here we enter "taylor swift". Y2Mate will list the search results from YouTube directly.
Note: The first time you search for video in Y2Mate you have to install an extension, named Combo-search, to your browser.

Search in Y2Mate

Just select the video and click on its "Download" button, and you can save the video to your local folders successfully.

5. Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter

Rather than a simple video downloader, Y2Mate also works as a YouTube to MP3 converter.

5.1 What's Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter?

This YouTube to MP3 Converter provided by Y2Mate is easy for understanding as well as using. As we know, YouTube offers users from all over the world with abundant of video resources. Except for downloading the whole video, some users may want to save them as audio files, which can not only save much space, but also keep the audio files in good quality.

For instance, people can get Taylor Swift's songs simply in audio files instead of saving the whole music videos. In this way, people can enjoy Taylor's wonderful music in as they do on any music streaming platform with Y2Mate MP3 Converter.

Features of Y2Mate MP3 Converter
# Use for free - this expanded Y2Mate MP3 Converter is still free for using. Just convert YouTube videos to MP3 at no cost on Y2Mate.
# Support various output format - includes MP3, AAC, MP4, M4V, 3GP, WMV, WMA, FLV, MO, WEBM, etc.
# Provide guaranteed output quality - users can select to convert YouTube videos to MP3 in 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps, 256kbps, and 320kbps.
# Support all platforms - it is operable on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iPhone.

5.2 How to Use Y2Mate YouTube to MP3 Converter

Y2Mate MP3 Converter is simple to use, too. And it shares some similarities as using the online downloader.

Here are the steps on how to use Y2Mate MP3 Converter.

STEP 1. Get the Link of YouTube Video
Open the YouTube video you want to convert to MP3 on YouTube site, and copy its URL. Or you can search for it directly in Y2Mate with the help of its search function. When you find it, click on “Download” and turn to the download page.

STEP 2. Select Output Quality
In the download page, you can freely select the output quality from 64kbps to 320kbps in MP3 format.
Select Output Quality


STEP 3. Convert YouTube Video to MP3
After selection, simply click on the "Download" button to convert and save the YouTube video to your device in MP3 format.

6. Y2Mate APK for Android – Muvi Downloader

Although iOS increasingly owns a large amount of users in the world, Android still stands in the center. Therefore, to make online video downloader available to more users, Y2Mate also provides an Android AKP for Android users to use on their mobiles. This Y2Mate APK has a different name, which calls Muvi Downloader.

6.1 Muvi Downloader Overview

Muvi Downloader is an online video downloader APK for Android. By installing this Y2Mate APK to Android devices, users are able to save online videos more easily. Even more than an downloader, Muvi Downloader can help users manage the videos downloaded in the SD card, or on the Android device. To know this app better, take a glance at its features below first.

Features of Muvi Downloader
# No limitations on downloading online videos.
# Provide all video & audio formats, including MP3, MP4, M4A, 3GP, WMV, FLV, MO,etc.
# Assist users to manage downloaded videos, and open videos from SD card or memory device.
# Allow users to download multiple videos at once.

6.2 Functions of Muvi Downloader

There are two main functions provided by Muvi Downloader – download online video, audio, and manage the downloaded files on Android device with ease.

Download Function

Muvi Downloader enables users to download online videos through searching with Muvi's inbuilt browser, or by pasting the video's URL to the app simply.

Video/Music Management

Muvi Downloader can detect the existing video and music files stored on your Android devices and those in SD card. Users are free to manage these files by themselves.

6.3 How to Download Online Video with Muvi Downloader

Are you a green hand of Muvi Downloader? Don't worry. Muvi Downloader has a simple interface, and it is pretty easy for operating. You can follow the steps below to download online videos to your Android device easily.

STEP 1. Launch Muvi Downloader and Search Video
Launch Muvi Downloader on your Android, and enter the video name to the search bar. Then a list of videos will be shown on the screen.

STEP 2. Select the Video and Play It
From the list, select the video you want to download, and enter its page to make the video play. After the page finishes loading, a red download bubble will appear in the lower-right corner.

STEP 3. Pre-settings
Click on the download bubble, a popup window will show up. You can rename the video here, and select the output quality for it.
Attention: By increasing the number of threads, you can improve the download speed.

STEP 4. Start Downloading
After the settings above, you now can submit “OKAY” in the upper-right corner of the popup window and start downloading the video.
How to Use Muvi Downloader

7. FAQ

You may have some questions or problems on using Y2Mate. Turn to these FAQs to see if they can help you.

Q Are there any hidden charge services I have to pay for using Y2Mate?

A Absolutely no. As it's introduced above, Y2Mate does not require any cost on using its services. Users do not need to pay for using the video downloader and YouTube converter.

Q Is Y2Mate safe?

A Y2Mate doesn't buddle with virus and malware. There are a few ads on Y2Mate's site, but the information and popup window are completely safe.

Q Do I need to sign up an account before using Y2Mate?

A Certainly not. All users can use the services provided by Y2Mate directly. You don't need other processes before using Y2Mate.

User Reviews

Y2Mate offers me the most convenient way to download online videos. I can enjoy my favorite YouTube videos offline freely now! --Johnson Reed
This is the first review I wrote for an online service, and Y2Mate just makes me appreciated! --Sylvia Smith
I’ve been used Y2Mate to download online videos for nearly one year. It seldom ran wrong and the output quality of videos is quite good. --Ann Green

9. See Also: Y2Mate Alternatives

Want to know more online video downloader? Turn to this part for help! These top 5 helpful downloaders are recommended to you.


#1. VidPaw

As one of the leading online video downloaders, VidPaw provides superior online video download service for users around the global. VidPaw offers high output quality for users to select freely, including HD video, and even up to 8K. As for audio, users can also download music in up with up to 320kbps output quality.

VidPaw offers 3 ways for users to download YouTube videos with ease. Rather than the traditional way - copy and paste the URL, you can also add VidPaw extension to your browser, then a download button will be generated in each YouTube video’s page. Or you can just add "paw" to the URL of the video behind "youtube". Press "Enter" key and you will head to the download page.



By simply pasting the URL of video to the download bar on Apowersoft Online Video Downloader's site, users can get the downloaded videos easily. More importantly, Apowersoft Online Video Download makes all the pre-settings options in one go. You can simply select the resolution, output format, for the output videos at once, or just grasp the audio files from the video.

Apowersoft Online Video Converter allows users to download their favorite online videos to PC, smart phone, tablet for enjoying with high quality. It is really helpful and reliable.

Apowersoft Online Video Converter


Other than a converter, which is used to save videos in various formats, Clip Converter is also a reliable video downloader for video lovers. Some YouTube online downloaders require users to hunt around for a specific URL of the videos they want to download, but Clip Converter doesn’t ask for this. Users only need to copy the link from the address bar and paste to its site, then they can download the videos successfully.

Clip Converter also provides useful plug-in for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. With this Clip Converter plug-in, users do not have to visit Clip Converter website. They can just download videos when they find the ones they want to save.

Clip Converter


Acethinker's Free Video Downloader makes online video download incredibly simple. This reliable downloader works on all browsers, and supports videos from various video streaming webistes, including YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, VEVO, etc. Additionally, Free Video Downloader sets no limitations to the amount or duration of the videos. Users can use it at no cost.

In order to save much time, Free Video Downloader allows users to download multiple videos simultaneously at once. All videos will be downloaded in chosen formats by users.

Acethinker Free Video Downloader


Video Grabber can easily get the online videos downloaded with their links pasted to the download bar. Users can select the available formats such as MP4, FLV, 3GP, WMV, WEBM, MP3, etc. as their needs. Besides, Video Grabber supports downloading HD videos. Enjoying HD online videos offline is possible now.

Except for video download, Video Grabber also provides other two online services – video convert and screen record. With these two added functions, users can enjoy online videos much freely.

Video Grabber


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